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Sequoia Seeds is a cannabis breeding company based in Mendocino County, the heart of the Emerald Triangle. Established in 2012, we focus on the select genetics of cup-winning, rare, legendary and exotic cannabis strains from the best breeders in Europe, North America and Canada.

By taking the best genetics from around the world and crossing them to create new, unique F1-hybrids, we hope to offer our customers a truly 'connoisseur grade' of cannabis.

Our top priority is quality, customer service and preservation of cannabis linage. We are proud of our genetic work and stand by it- Sequoia Seeds is the ONLY seed company in the industry to offer a free dry-flower sample of the cannabis genetics with the seeds.

We provide customers with the highest potency cannabis possible, incorporating the best yields, health and vigor through our select genetic breeding program- we guarantee the best genetics for our customers, every time. All of our seed packs are SECURITY SEALED to prevent tampering and ensure quality. All strains are test-grown for consistency and are THC ratio tested.

Seeds are currently available through licensed Medical Cannabis dispensaries in Mendocino County and directly for U.S shipping through our webstore.

More information and updates on strain releases from Sequoia Seeds can be found through our:

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Please note- We DO NOT ship internationally due to customs restrictions.

Sequoia Seeds operates under Californian law- Prop. 64 and Prop. 215.


* Our breeding labs are located in the legendary green hills of Mendocino County, California. Our dedicated breeders from this famous area are proud to present new genetic recreations and crosses of the finest select cannabis strains from around the world.

* Professional breeders in the billion-dollar cannabis industry, certified Horticulture degree holders with over 15 years experience in the Emerald Triangle- America's home of cannabis development.

* All strains are test-grown before release to ensure stability, quality and potency.

* We specialize in F1 hybrid crosses, new strains and the further development of AAA grade cannabis for the connoisseur.

* Regular Seeds ONLY! We believe in the preservation and continuance of quality cannabis genetics, and wish for our customers to have the ability to continue that tradition. We feel the shift towards all-feminized seeds will cause genetic bottle-necking, degradation and weakness as seed customers are left with limited cross breeding options.

* Female to male ratios are the standard 75% female, 25% male.

* 100% germination, guaranteed. All strains are test grown before release.

* We stand by our genetics and know you'll love them too- Sequoia Seeds is the only  seed company in the world that provides a FREE dry-flower sample of genetics with the seeds.


* At Sequoia Seeds we focus on offering F1 hybrid crosses

* F1 (or first-generation) crosses are the result of two inbred lines (IBL's) being cross-bred. This creates a new combination of fresh genetics in the seeds, while also providing the sought-after 'hybrid-vigor' effect. This enhanced vigor, inherent to all F1 crosses, results in superior growth, potency, disease resistance, root mass and yield when compared to the inbred genetics of their IBL's parent's or from a clone.

* F1's also create new and original cannabis strains, which when properly developed can become as important (and loved) as strains such as Blue Cheese (Blueberry IBL x Cheese IBL) or OG Kush (Chemdawg IBL x Afghan Kush IBL). Developing and preserving superior genetics is vital to the future of cannabis and a main focus of the genetic work at Sequoia Seeds.

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